Replastering Walls

For a small room, prices range between £250 and £400.
For medium rooms between £350 and £500

New Plaster Walls Only

Costs for small, medium and large rooms start from £590, £680 and £1,100 respectively.

Plastering Ceiling

Overboarding and plastering a small, medium or large ceiling should cost from £370, £450 and £650 respectively

External rendering

2 bedroom bungalow – anything from £2,400 and 4-6 days to complete.
3 bedroom semi – prices from £4,100 and 5-8 days for the job excluding scaffolding hire. Always ensure the final price you are quoted includes everything needed to do the job.
4 bedroom detached house – from £5,100 and 7-14 days for the finish.


2-bed house or flat. Properties of this size should cost between £1,900 and £2,300 to paint, with work taking up to a week.

3-bed house or flat. Costs should be between £2,200 and £3,700 to paint, around a week

4-bed house or flat. If you’ve got a 4-bed property, expect to pay between £2,900 and £3,800. Contractors will probably take a week to 10 days to complete the job.

5-bed house or flat. Finally, if you’ve got a large 5-bed house or flat, it will take between one and two weeks to completely repaint. Costs should be between £3,900 and £4,700.

These are prices are for painting walls and ceilings and include materials. We are also assuming that the walls were previously painted and the plaster is in good condition. Prices could be 50-75% higher if walls were previously papered and plastering is required.

Wallpapering walls that were previously painted should work out similar to the prices stated above too.