Expand Your Home with a Garage Conversion

There are a number of benefits in choosing a garage conversion as a way to extend your home, the main one being that it’s fairly cheap to do. If you’re lucky and have a double garage, you can even convert half the space, keeping somewhere to park your car but still benefiting from a new room.

Garage Doors

The most obvious alteration will be the removal of a garage door and adding a weather-tight replacement. This is relatively simple to do because, in most circumstances, the space only needs blocking up. If you’re adding in a small window too, this should cost around £1,600.

Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are both essential parts of making your garage feel like an extension of the house. The size, aspect and location of the room will determine how many are needed. On average, a door or window will cost £600 – £900, though you may pay more if you’re looking for bespoke and high quality finishes.


Even if you want a plush carpet or are going to install a beautifully tiled floor, you’ll probably have to pour some new concrete first. This is especially true if the garage is old and the floor’s uneven. To have a new slab professionally laid will cost about £1,700.


In the majority of cases, an internal structure of stud walls will be built inside your garage to create your new room. Insulation can then be added between these walls and the existing structure to increase energy efficiency. The average stud wall costs £950, and your build costs will be determined by the number you need.


One factor that can add unexpected costs to your build is having to run new utilities into your conversion. A lot of garages have electricity, but most won’t have gas or water. If you’re changing your garage into a bedroom or living room, you’ll only have to factor a few extra outlets into your budget. However, if you’re planning a grand new bathroom or kitchen, then plumbing and gas pipes may need to be installed. Adding a new electrical socket shouldn’t cost more than £100, and if you’re using contractors from Ratepeople.com, you can negotiate a good price if more work’s required. Incorporating gas or water plumbing becomes more expensive, and if you need to move pipes, the work could cost between £1,600 and £4,000.

Other Considerations

The exact cost of converting a garage will depend on a variety of factors, including the extension’s new use and the quality of finish you’d like. For example, though you might get a great new living room for around £8,000, if you’re putting in an expensive kitchen or bathroom, then costs will be far more.

Construction Management

Kitchens Renovation

Whether you are looking for the latest contemporary design or prefer something more traditional, the kitchen design and fitting team at Ever Green House will help you create a stylish but practical working space. Our professional team includes accredited plumbers and electricians, carpenters, tilers, plasterers and decorators.

Bathrooms Renovation

Ever Green House specialises in installing the highest quality bathrooms and wet rooms. Our skilled craftsmen are experts in plumbing, tiling, carpentry and lighting. We have trusted suppliers of bathroom suites, tiles and lighting and are happy to make recommendation and work with you to create your perfect bathroom space.


Ever Green House Construction’s professional tilers are experienced in the laying of ceramic, glass, marble, stone, porcelain, terracotta and mosaic tiles. We offer a complete service, from removal of old tiles, to preparing walls and floors for tiling (boarding, skimming and self levelling). We only use quality materials and offer a very high standard of worksmanship. We are able to recommend the best options for your space and have trusted suppliers of tiles that are able to offer very reasonable prices.

Floor Finishes

A well laid floor can really make a room and Fast Building are experts in fitting solid or engineered hardwood and laminate floors. We source only the finest timber from suppliers with accreditation from the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). We take care of all sub floor preparation including plywood, screeding and damp proof membranes and will offer advice on after-care to maintain the look of your newly fitted wood floor. We are also specialists in wooden floor restoration and are happy to restore your wooden floor to its original beauty. Ever Green House also lay polished concrete flooring, offering a durable, stylish finish to any room.