Service Overview
Whatever your requirements, our highly skilled and experienced UK tradesmen will always be available to assist. We provide fully comprehensive solutions in plumbing, central heating, gas, electrical and drainage services. We offer a full spectrum of reactive and preventative maintenance; Whether you need an emergency plumber or just a scheduled maintenance visit, we are here to help.

We fit taps, mend leaks, unblock loos, mend showers, install new radiators, remove and replace tanks and cylinders and install complete plumbing systems. Our plumbers have been plumbing all their lives, most of our team received their plumbing apprenticeships right here in London! No job is too small or too big for us!

Electrical Costs

Standard costs do not vary much from house to house other than by scale. If you decide to fit anything out of the ordinary (e.g. a whole-house structured cabling network), you will need to make an allowance for these upgrades.

Electrics Guide

Standard £37–45/m² (£9,900 for our house)

Good £45–50/m² (£11,000)

Excellent £46–57/m² (£12,540)

Electrical additions (per room)

Low voltage down lights (7) £350–400/room

Structured cable network £200–250/room

Built-in hi-fi £400–600/room

Separately switched 2a lamp circuits £250–350/room

Security alarm system £600–1,500+


A standard heating solution is a radiator system with a gas boiler and basic controls. A standard central heating system will cost £18–23/m² (£4–5,000 for our house)?and this is the allowance in the average build costs.

Underfloor heating is typically more expensive, so allow £30–40/m² (£6,600–8,800). If you want renewables, add this in to your budget accordingly.